Alpha Omega DAO

Introducing Alpha & Omega

The Treasury Reserve Protocol for Paideia.

We are doing something that others have not, providing an infinite loop of lifelong free learning. Alpha [OX] will be launched first, this will be the treasury reserve protocol for the educational blockchain project called Paideia. Omega [OM] will be launched next and will serve as shares of our validator nodes on Paideia, when both tokens interact they will stabilize each other with the ability to be swapped for each other, as well as swapped for PAI (the educational credit hour token backed by BUSD). OM can only be purchased with OX and each node share will earn rewards in PAI. Each PAI is equal to one USGD the gold-backed stablecoin (BUSD 1:1 with USD). Learners can then use PAI to pay for courses on Paideia through our educational partners. This will give the ability to stake Alpha, gather shares of nodes, receive more PAI and take more courses. Educators can take the PAI received from the student and exchange it for BUSD or OM.
The infinite loop of lifelong learning is established with this.
Last modified 6mo ago