Alpha Omega DAO

Phase II - The Bringing of the OM and Expansion of Alpha DAO

With a successful Phase 1 launch of the protocol, a total of 50,000 OM tokens will be minted during the Omega LBE event (40,000 for presale and 10,000 required to pair with OX to initialize liquidity). You'll need at least 20 OX to mint a node. Rewards are updated every second with a withdrawal lock 24h after a rewards withdrawal.
Note that you need both OX and OM in the same amount to provide liquidity through the app.
Both OM and OX will then have the ability to be swapped for the other, creating a new way to stake and earn. Next, we diversify the treasury with the support of Pai, which is the educational asset-backed stable coin. The Alpha and Omega treasury vault strategy will give the ability to earn risk-adjusted returns within an educational governance model. The possibilities are infinite.
With the concept of Alpha and Omega, we believe in creating a stable and strong community. In order to achieve that goal, we request that each and every one of you provide us with any suggestions and feedback. We welcome help and strive to operate as a DAO.