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How Education can Benefit from Paideia

Self-Sovereignty: Educators can identify themselves while securely maintaining control over their personal data.
Trust: Infrastructure that gives confidence in its operations, such as payments or the issuance of certificates.
Complimentary: Through the use of L2E and E2L as well as Employer sponsorship, all students will have equal access to free knowledge.
Immutability: Records are written once and stored permanently without the possibility of modification.
Disintermediation: There is no need for a central controlling authority to manage transactions or keep records.
Blockchain entries are permanent, transparent, and searchable, which makes it possible for community members to view transaction histories in their entirety. Each update is a new “block” added to the end of a “chain.” A protocol manages how new edits or entries are initiated, validated, recorded, and distributed. With blockchain, Cryptology replaces third-party intermediaries as the keeper of trust, with all participants running complex algorithms to certify the integrity of the whole.